While our main program is our unique whitewater rafting trip through the City of Ottawa, the future will see programs including whitewater kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and other waterbased activities. Please review our offerings below and call us for special rates for your organization:


Ottawa City Rafting offers great corporate or conference team building programs and “company picnics”. While rafting is a natural team building activity, our guides are trained to get your team to work together. All corporate trips are run so that every member of your team can participate.

Our affiliation with the prestigious Britannia Yacht Club www.byc.ca and its amazing waterfront vista’s provides the perfect meeting space and plenty of food/beverage options.


You might not know that Ottawa City Rafting provides amazing curriculum based trips geared for elementary and high school programs.  We can cover expectations in science, geography, Canadian history and physical education.  Call us and we can customize to meet your school or classrooms needs.  Our trips are extremely safe, we guarantee no one falls out of the boat, and we can guarantee safety standards beyond all OPHEA concerns. As well Ottawa City Rafting is expanding into summer high school for credit programs through a unique partnership with a local high school.  Imagine getting several credits for spending your summer on the river.


Through partnerships with local community centers, schools, and other camp based organizations we run the most exciting camp program in Ottawa. 

Our most popular partnership is our Raft Camp program introducing children to the magic of whitewater.  We teach kids basic whitewater reading skills, safety and awareness around moving water, river ecology and Canadian history.  Children raft four of the five days on the river. On the trips they enjoy swimming in whitewater, cliff jumping and of course running the rapids. Off river activities include practicing river safety, learning how to read whitewater, and river ecology lessons. We do two age groups  the 7-9 year old camp is called River Rats, and the 10-12 year olds are called Water Otters.

Our other program is the single day Rafting Adventure. Camps can integrate one of our day trips into a week long program adding a wonderful and exciting experience to your camp program.

In two years of running programs we have not had a single accident.  This is a safe and wonderful activity for children from ages 5 and up.


This is the perfect club outing. From Boy Scouts, to Girl Guides, Photography Clubs, Bird watching, to Social Clubs, A raft trip through Ottawa is an amazing shared experience with lots of opportunity to cater to specific interests! Call us so we can tailor our program to meet your clubs needs.